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The casting demo was a great success with about 45 people in attendance. The school will definitely be running at least one bronze casting short course and will add a casting furnace and setup to the tools available to students at the school. Details of course dates and outlines forthcoming.

A huge thanks to both Quill and Peter for doing a fantastic job showing off their skills.

Click below for pictures and video:


Bronze casting demonstration at the school

January 12, 2010 | Comments Off on Bronze casting demonstration at the school | Events

The Silva Bay Shipyard School is hosting a bronze casting demonstration on the weekend of January 23-24th 2010. The demonstration is going to focus on both marine and artistic castings with boat builders Peter Gron and Quill Goldman.

Bronze Casting

The event is being held ahead of the SBSS’s upcoming bronze casting short course where students will learn how to cast their own patterns.

Peter and Quill will be preparing and casting from 1-3pm on both Saturday and Sunday at the school.

The demo is free and all are welcome. Please stop by and see how casting is done!